March 12, 2019 Boston University Event

Boston University students visit to Shawnee National Forrest.

       Today (Tuesday March 12, 2019) I was privileged to meet and talk with 9 individuals from Boston University.   Kelly Pearson (Forrest Service) asked that we (River to River Trail Society) speak with them about our work with the R2R trail and other trails of the Shawnee.  I mentioned some of the work and effort that has been done working with other groups, Friends of the Shawnee and Shawnee Trail Conservancy. We always work with the Forrest Service who coordinates the work.   I also talked about our public hikes in the spring and fall.  Kelly and I talked a little about the Ozark Tours, past and present.

Of course, I referred to the beginning of our Society, founder John O’Dell and John’s early work completing the R2R trail itself, as well as the hosting first public hikes.

This is a very fine group of young people preparing for a bright future, I think they’ll all be successful with their careers.  I believe they will leave us with fond memories of our area and with a high respect for the Forrest Service who is hosting them this week. 

Thank you Kelly Pearson, for all of the work you do and have done.

Fred Scott

Board Member River to River Society.